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              Other ways for sending files, contact and instructions:


              Just send us an e-mail at info@translatorofpolish.com and attach the scans of documents you need to tranalsate.

              Cell phone

              Take a photo with your smartphone and send it via email or directly at 00 48 60 50 33 059. Make sure the whole text is visible and captured well.


              If you need a certified translation of originals and we will arrange a courier that will collect the documents from you and return them with translations. You can also deliver them directly to our office and we’ll have a coffee 🙂


              Where are you based and how can I send the documents?

              Yesterday Translations is based in Wroclaw, Poland. You can email us at info@translatorofpolish.com or text us at 00 48 60 50 33 059. In case you need certified translation of original copies, let us know and we will arrange a courier. You can also deliver them directly to our office.

              What are the payment terms and methods? Which currencies do you accept?

              We support payments via PayPal, PayU and bank transfer in USD, GBP, EUR and PLN.

              What`s the difference between regular and certified translation and who is a certified or sworn translator?

              There are no statutory regulations specifying the rules of making a regular translation. Theoretically it may be done by anyone and have any quality.
              Certified (also known as sworn) translation is made only by a certified (sworn) translator who is a person of public trust, obliged to confidentiality and has passed written and oral state exams and is entered into the list of the Polish Minister of Justice. The rules for conducting the professional activities of certified translators in Poland are set out in the Act on the Profession of Certified Translator of 25 November 2004.

              How do I know if I need a certified (sworn) translation?

              Certified translations may be required by e.g. state authorities, schools or courts. Certified translation is an official document giving proof of accuracy that the information contained in the source document is consistent with the information contained in the target document certified by a certified translator with his seal and handwritten signature or electronic signature. If you are not sure if you need your translation to be certified contact us at: info@translatorofpolish.com or 00 48 60 50 33 059.