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Good CV and cover letter is more than 75% success
in getting a new job.


Create an appealing CV and cover letter in Polish
You do all what you can to make your CV a state-of-the art document, you send it and wait for the phone to ring. Studies show that recruiters spend only 6 seconds on your resume. Often, it lands in a pile of other printouts somewhere at the side of a desk.

Planning to work in Poland? If you want your CV to be professional and attractive you may also want it to be like that in Polish.

Get a competitive edge in your job search

Do not let mistakes disqualify your CV as it is your ticket to better job and higher life standard. General good language skills do not guarantee that your documents are free from mistakes.

Why not let a professional have a four-eye check? Let a perfect CV do the job for you and boost your interview. Make sure your qualifications and not typos and spelling mistakes decide if you get that desired post. Do not leave your future to chance. Make your CV shine and stand out from the crowd of applications. Aware of a harsh employment market competition we come across our clients` needs and offer them unsurpassed and quick translations of all recruitment documents. We will polish your CV to make sure you are the right person in the right place.

Translate your diploma or transcript and apply to a Polish university to study here for free

Did you know that public university courses in Poland are often completely free of charge; the costs of living are one of the lowest in the European Union; and the degree from Poland allows you to apply to all universities in European Union without additional formalities? If you have a tight deadline to submit your documents, our courier can collect them from you and return to you with certified translation.

If you are coming to Poland to study, you will need a certified translation of academic or high school transcript compliant with The Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education (Lisbon Convention). To find out more about studying in Poland, check EURYDICE report on the Education System in Poland:

We can provide you with translations (now also certified with electronic signature and sent directly to your email) of different documents like e.g.:

  • Polish-English translation of CV
  • Polish-English translation of letter of reference
  • Polish-English translation of school certificate
  • Polish-English translation of high school diploma
  • Polish-English translation of studies diploma
  • Polish-English translation of training completion certificate
  • Polish-English translation of course completion certificate
  • Polish-English translation of university graduation diploma
  • Polish-English translation of index book

  • Polish-English translation of resume
  • Polish-English translation of cover letter
  • Polish-English translation of employment contract
  • Polish-English translation of assignment
  • Polish-English translation of certificate of competency
  • Polish-English translation of diploma supplement
  • Polish-English translation of the diploma of the completion of studies
  • Polish-English translation of employment certificate
  • Polish-English translation of employment record
  • Polish-English translation of work permit application

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