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Professional in person, over the phone and courtroom interpretation.

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Interpreting services at a hand
If you don`t know Polish well and need to interact with Polish counterparties, we can eliminate the language barriers for you. We are aware that you want to understand and be understood well since your business, family or wealth depends on it. With us you will be able to focus on making the best impression and on what really matters to you without any communication obstacles.
With Yesterday Translations you can spare lot of time and energy by being sure that you understand correct. You will get a proper representation in any circumstances even if you are not a Polish speaker.

Professional language assistance in courtroom provided by lawyer-linguists

Appearance in courtroom can be stressful, expensive and time-consuming especially when you don`t know Polish well. We are aware that you want to understand and be understood since your business, family or wealth may depend on it. You have the basic right to be heard and we will remove any language barriers for you so that the communication in the court is accurate and free from any significant changes, omissions or modifications.

Court Interpretation in Poland may be performed by sworn translators. We will ensure that you are in as close a position as every Polish speaker would have been in your situation so that your communication is smooth and your representations achieve the same potential as if made in English.

With us you will spare lot of time and energy and avoid the risk of being misunderstood. You have the right to make your statements freely and to be treated equally and impartially before the law. With Yesterday Translations you will get a proper representation in Polish court even if don`t speak Polish.

We provide various interpretation services to make sure your needs are covered in every situation:

  • Polish-English consecutive interpretation

Interpreter, after hearing a couple of
sentences in the source language, interprets
them into the target language. This is a very
efficient way of enabling communication
between two languages in situations where
time plays crucial role. Consecutive
interpretation is a quite demanding task and form time to time requires short breaks.

  • Polish-English liaison interpretation

Interpreter, after hearing a sentence in the source language, interprets it into the target language. It is similar to consecutive interpreting but not that demanding for interpreter thus the session may take longer without the need to make breaks.

  • Polish-English sight (a vista) interpretation

Interpreter looks at a text in source language and simultaneously reads it out loud in the target language. The two activities are performed concurrently and require vast experience and concentration. It is especially popular in court rooms, police stations, notary’s offices and other public institutions where there is a need for a quick and efficient oral translation of the contents of a document. If you need, we can provide interpretation by a certified translator

  • Polish-English over-the-phone interpretation

Because you cannot always predict and plan the future, our professional English-Polish Over the Phone Interpretation (OTP) comes to your help whenever you may need it under time pressure. This solution is also very cost-effective because there is no need for physical presence of our staff. It is especially useful when you are dealing with an urgent situation and do not have much time to organize and prepare.

  • Polish-English micro-earphone interpretation

Take advantage of technology and reduce the costs. If you need a comfortable one-way whispered interpretation to understand a talk you are listening to, we can arrange for a Micro Earphone Interpretation (MEI). Micro Earphone is a convenient Bluetooth device that connects with your smartphone. You put in your ear set up a call with an interpreter and enjoy a real time interpretation via the cell phone. We will deliver the device to you and collect it from you after the end the session.

  • Polish-English whisper interpretation (chuchotage)

It will enable you to keep up with a conversation in a transparent and neutral way. Interpreter sitting or standing near to participants interprets simultaneously directly into their ear. Whispered interpretation is efficient in case of limited number of participants located near to each other. It is used mainly in bilateral meetings or in groups where only a few people do not share a common language

We are there to help e.g.:

  • foreign students

  • law firms

  • international businesses

  • foreign citizens

  • expats and immigrants

  • professionals in search of job

High availability and responsiveness
We understand that the need for interpreter often arises unexpectedly and for this reason we promptly reply to your request Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Poland Time. You can rest assured that we will schedule an appointment with interpreter to deliver the high-class service to enable you avoiding unnecessary cost and legal risk.

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