Polish-English Legal and Financial Translation

We provide certified translations for all types of your legal & financial documents (now also with electronic signature).

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Professional and secure handling of your documentation

We are aware of the sensitive nature of the information contained in your documents. That is why we pay particular attention to the confidentiality, data protection and accuracy required for the proper translation and delivery of your legal and financial documentation.

Do you want to conquer new markets or need certified translation for state authorities or maybe you wish to work or study in Poland?

We provide flawless Polish-English legal and financial translations thanks to the cooperation with lawyer-linguists with an in-depth perspective on the legal, tax and administrative systems of Poland and English speaking countries. Quality assurance is always conducted by translators certified by the Polish Ministry of Justice which is our golden standard. You`ll learn more about our Translation Workflow and Quality Assurance from the following infographic.

Speed, Accuracy and Terminological Equivalence

Short turnarounds and terminological equivalence in legal and financial translation is extremely important when people`s fundamental rights, big money or contractual obligations are at stake. For this reason we provide accurate, flawless and business-oriented service being aware that only the highest professional standards guarantee the protection of your interests.

Fast and cost effective certified translations

If you are under time pressure, our courier can collect your documents from you and return them with certified translation.

Electronic signature

We can also certify translations with a lawful electronic signature and send it to you instantly by email so that you don`t have to wait for the courier.

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